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Earth is in danger! Asteroids are on a collision course for the planet and you must man the laser defense system to shoot them down before they strike!

Blasteroids is a Landscape game for the Magic Leap One headset. Use the Control like a joystick to aim the reticle. I find it easiest to aim the Control upwards and place the base of the Control in the palm of your non-dominant hand for stability. Once you aim the reticle, press the trigger to shoot. Destroy as many asteroids as you can before one makes it through to you! Keep track of your high scores with local leaderboard support!


Asteroid asset courtesy of EndOfRay

Laser SFX courtesy of dpoggioli

Crosshairs asset courtesy of Bit_Gamer


Blasteroids.mpk 9 MB

Install instructions

Connect your ML1 to your laptop and then run "mldb install /path/to/Blasteroids.mpk"

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