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This mod is aimed to provide two major updates for players: it features a number of quality of life changes to reduce annoyance when playing through the game and it increases the difficulty to provide for a robust challenge. Pokemon Emerald was chosen because it's my favorite game in the series and due to the existence of the pokeemerald decompilation project. (Huge thanks to the very helpful community for organizing this repo and providing guidance!)



  1. Edited all trainers (raised levels & increased Pokemon variety)
  2. Edited wild Pokemon (raised levels; introduced Pikachu to Petalburg Woods; made Feebas more easily findable; got rid of version exclusives)
  3. Gave gym leaders and their trainers new text to better characterize them & fit their anime / manga incarnations (i.e. Winona is in charge of all the gym leaders, Norman and his family are originally from Johto, etc.)
  4. Added physical / special split to battle moves (standard after Gen IV)
  5. Streamlined HM usage in the field (doesn't ask for confirmation or provide flavor text)
  6. Made TMs reusable (standard after Gen V)
  7. Gave Winona a shiny Swellow (to fit the anime / manga)
  8. Reduced encounter rate on all water routes east of Petalburg
  9. Made HMs forgettable without Move Deleter
  10. Streamlined Nurse Joy dialogue at the Pokemon Center (removed yes/no option)
  11. Added the ability to run indoors
  12. Introduced a new item, the Trade Stone to evolve the Pokemon that evolve via being traded. The only exclusion is Clamperl, as it can evolve into two different Pokemon depending on its held item while being traded. So, you just can't evolve Clamperl in this game. Sorry. But both Huntail and Gorebyss are garbage, so it's not the end of the world. You can find 5 Trade Stones in the PC in your room at the start of the game.
  13. Added ability to auto-refresh Repels when they run out (courtesy of DizzyEggg)
  14. Updated the Elite Four / Champion teams



3/6/2020: Fixed an issue with Triathlete Camden's team

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Install instructions

Here are instructions for how to take the IPS file and get to playing the mod: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=426058


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please help

no application can open the file

idk what to do


how do you get MIB?


oh i just noticed 21 mib is required...


how do i install?

Does this use visual boy advance?

This patch, once applied to a rom, should be compatible with any software that can play gba games. So yes!


How i play it


Stupid how you dont know it


forgot to change accounts buddy?

what if ur the same account saying forgot to change accounts buddy to urself that u forgot to change accounts, mind blown!

completely different person buddy, but nice try on that one for starters the account that originally started doesn't use any punctuation, I do. secondly, if I was this account wouldn't I have responded quicker? And then there's account creation dates, which if you don't want to get into I won't

Want more or are we done?


why .ips ? pls .gba version not playing


The .ips file is needed because hosting the .gba file isn’t exactly... legal. You use the .ips to patch a .gba file you find on your own; instructions are included above. If you do that and are still have issues playing the game, then it’s possible that the .gba file you downloaded wasn’t functional and you could try locating another one.


how to patch .ips file ?


These instructions should be able to walk you through the process: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=426058


I am trying this mod out but don't see any information on the pokemon stats pages indicating a physical/special split for moves. Is it included as advertised, but not visualized in-game in any way?


Correct. It is included but currently invisible to the player. It’s one of the features that I had planned to include but ended up cutting for the sake of actually releasing the mod. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, I realize how this can be confusing!